Space-based multifunctional end effector systems

functional requirements and proposed designs
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Other titlesSpace based multifunctional end effector systems.
StatementA.H. Mishkin, B.M. Jau.
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The end effector is an essential element of teleoperator and telerobot systems to be employed in space in the next decade. This report defines functional requirements for end effector systems to perform operations that are currently only feasible through Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA).

The end effector is an essential element of teleoperator and telerobot systems to be employed in space in the next decade. The report defines functional requirements for end effector systems to perform operations that are currently only feasible through Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA).Author: A.

Mishkin and B. Jau. May 23,  · Based on the results of an intensive process analysis a novel multifunctional end-effector is designed, which integrates the functionalities gripping, draping and heating. For integration in the production environment and an estimation of cycle times the automation solution is by: 8.

Sep 07,  · In this work, a new multifunctional robot end-effector system for automated manufacture of textile preforms is developed, designed and implemented. The robot end-effector system consists of an adaptive end-effector (AEE) to grasp, manipulate and lay-up the composite fabric onto a flat or curved mold and a novel double tool changer (DTC) to drape the fabric in the mold.

Aug 31,  · The development of a robotic-driven maintenance solution capable of automatically maintaining reconfigurable vibrating screen (RVS) machine when utilized in dangerous and hazardous underground mining environment has called for the design of a multifunctional robotic end-effector capable of carrying out all the maintenance tasks on the RVS O.

Makinde, K. Mpofu, R. Vrabic, B. Ramatsetse. Oct 23,  · Development of the multifunctional end-effector for interventional surgery robot.

Abstract: The end effector working at the end of robot wrist was newly designed to meet the needs of interventional surgery. The end effector has a compact size to. Space-based robotic systems will provide efficient and inexpensive means to work in space.

“End-Point Force Control of a Very Flexible Manipulator with a Fast End Effector,” American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Proceedings of the Winter Annual Meeting, Analheim, CA, December 7–12, Experiments on the Control of a Cited by: Nowadays tendon-based transmission systems are widely used for the implementation of several robotic devices, such as end-effectors for surgical robots [12], [13], haptic interfaces [14], robotic hands [15], [3], [8], [16].

The first prototype of the new tendon-driven robotic hand. Due to the increasing usage of hard-to-machine materials in aircraft structures, high quality and high efficiency of fastener holes drilling are required by the aerospace industry.

In this paper, a new multifunction end-effector for drilling, helical milling and oval countersinking has been by: 5.

Summary. This paper describes two smart hand systems developed at JPL recently for robotics and teleoperator applications. The first unit was designed for potential application on an Orbiting Maneuvering Vehicle (OMV) equipped with an approximately 5 meter size manipulator performing, e.g., satellite servicing and repair by: 2.

Space-Based Multifunctional End Effector Systems: Functional Requirements and Proposed Designs” (). The effects of extra vehicular activity (EVA) gloves on human performance” ().

The Effects of Extravehicular Activity Cited by: 4. Get this from a library. Space-based multifunctional end effector systems: functional requirements and proposed designs.

[A H Mishkin; Jet Propulsion Laboratory (U.S.)]. In an overview report of end effector use for space-based systems [9], the range of possibilities from simple 1 degree of freedom (dof) effectors to anthropomorphic hands are examined for ex- tra-vehicular activity (EVA) tasks in space and it is concluded that Cited by: 3.

The Electroimpact ONCE (ONe-sided Cell End effector) robotic drilling system was developed to drill, countersink, and measure fastener holes. The ONCE system utilizes an industrial robot as the motion platform, which is coupled with a servocontrolled multifunction end effector (MFEE).

Apr 03,  · Part of the Mechanisms and Machine Science book series (Mechan. Machine Science, volume 31) (AiF) for the financial support of the research project “Automated handling and draping of reinforcing textiles for multiaxially curved Hüsing, M., Corves, B.: Development of a multifunctional robot end-effector system for automated Cited by: 3.

Check Out Robotics Engineering Books Pdf Free Download. multifunctional manipulator designed to move material, parts, tools or specialized devices through variable programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks: Robot Institute of America, Tools as end effectors.

Drive system for grippers-Mechanical Author: Daily Exams. Sep 27,  · This innovative solution became a success through enhancement of a mature barrel multifunction end-effector, with a proven track record for assembly in commercial aircraft and the introduction of a new generation of high performance structural blind fasteners (OPTIBLIND TM) coupled with a Temporary Fastener (CLY TM 62) solution from our Author: Christophe Vandaele, Didier Friot, Simon Marry, Etienne Gueydon.

A Latching End Effector (LEE) ground spare, or as it’s sometimes referred to, the “robotic hand”, and which sits at each end of the Canadarm2, is being launched to the International Space Station (ISS) tomorrow onboard a SpaceX cargo resupply mission.

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In robotics, a end effector is the device at the end of a robotic arm, designed to interact with the environment. The exact nature of this device depends on the application of the robot. In the strict definition, which originates from serial robotic manipulators, the end effector means the last link (or end) of the robot.

The State of the Art of dc Power Distribution Systems/ Components for Space Applications, JPL PublicationJuly Kumar, R., Efficient Detection and Signal Parameter Estimation With Applications to High Dynamic GPS Receivers, JPL PublicationDecember 15, (Prepared for the U.S.

Air Force Systems Command Armament Division.). ABSTRACT The objective of this project is to develop an adaptable multi-functional end effector for a micro robotic manipulation system.

The end effector will be able to sense a micro contact force at an unprecedented accuracy and dynamic range, and to on-line regulate the. Robotics has become very useful in medicine, education, military, research and mostly, in the world of manufacturing.

It has become popular, useful, and has achieved great success in several fields of humanity. In this project, work is carried out on the robotic arm which is controlled using an Arduino ATMEGA micro-controller via android app.

Servomotors are used for the link movements and Author: Sharun Mendonca, Khalid Mohammad Zulqurnain, K. Abdul Razack, Mohammed Zohair, Rolwin Wilston Car.

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Mar 09,  · space robotics full pdf 1. 1 Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION Robot is a system with a mechanical body, using computer as its brain.

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Integrating the sensors and actuators built into the mechanical body, the motions are realized with the computer software to execute the desired task. Our system implements book inference and book- The Global Positioning system is a space-based direction-finding method that provides book location.

self-directed robots using a GPS sensors, end-effector is an entity which can act a grasp on an object which is movable. No Feedback. Basic control suitable for systems with simple loads, Tight speed control is not required, no position or rate-of-change sensors, on each axis, there is a fixed mechanical stop to set the endpoint of the robot, its called “stop-to-stop” or “pick-and-place” systems.

A direct scheme for the control of the motion of the end effector in Cartesian space based on nonlinear inversion of the system is developed. As this scheme requires simulation of the left inverse system, it has to be implemented off-line and to be supplemented by regulator terms to ensure convergence to the desired trajectory in the presence Cited by: 3.

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Search Text GO. Aug 03,  · Shen C. et al. () Modeling and Analysis on Position and Gesture of End-Effector of Cleaning Robot Based on Monorail Bogie for Solar Panels. In: Kubota N., Kiguchi K., Liu H., Obo T.

(eds) Intelligent Robotics and Chengwei Shen, Lubin Hang, Jun Wang, Wei Qin, Yabo Huangfu, Xiaobo Huang, Yan Wang. Home Browse by Title Periodicals Advances in Engineering Software Vol.

55 A proposal and verification of a software architecture based on LabVIEW for a multifunctional robotic end-effector articleAuthor: AnjosJosé Marcos Silva, CoraciniGuilherme Kisseloff, VillaniEmíLia.Robotic drilling technology for aircraft flexible assembly has challenges and is under active investigation.

In this work, a robotic drilling end-effector is designed and its normal adjustment system is dynamically modeled for comparison of advanced control strategies in terms of position tracking precision and dynamic quality. Three control algorithms with different computational complexity Author: Laixi Zhang, Jaspreet Singh Dhupia, Mingliang Wu.The end effector is the device at the end of a robotic arm that is used to do some useful work and is capable of carrying out instructions.

They take the form which is the most suitable for its task. A tool of some kind will be required if its functions include cutting, welding, drilling, etc.